I wanted to write about design for quite a long time but felt I don’t have anything interesting to add to add to the conversation. However today, I decided to take the plunge by writing a little about my journey as a designer so far.

I graduated with a degree in Information Systems but I wasn’t really good at coding. I took up design as a career because I has taught myself Photoshop while in college. I started working as the only designer at a friend’s start-up.

All my friends were developers and I didn’t know any designer. I thought in order to build the product I had to teach myself graphic design and Illustration because mastering pen tool was difficult. The skeuomorphic era was also part of the reason.

I read somewhere that 95% of web design was typography and I went down the rabbit hole of typography. By this point I taught myself HTML and CSS and CSS3 was taking off.

Another idea of the time caught my attention, designing in the browser. I used to spend every spare minute reading about media quires, box shadow, transforms, animations etc.

Thankfully somewhere amidst all this noise, I started to notice that user experience design was something more than the wireframes designers who didn’t know that power CSS3 had to resort to. I don’t know when the shift in thinking happened but now looking back I feel I should learned designing digital products was deeper than visuals.

I feel valuable years of my career have been wasted chasing red herrings. I don’t mean that the things I learned aren’t important, but they are not the first things a novice digital product designer needs to learn.

Until recently I used to think I was decent digital product designer since I was working on digital products for quite some time. I still joined a course by https://xperian.school/. It has been 3 weeks so far and almost everything so far has been previously unknown to me.

The well of design is deep indeed.